AENY 2019 2

April 5, 2019
Pier 90, New York

The Artexpo week is professionally the most important week of the year for me, since it is the main event I attend. It is really gratifying to have a booth like the one we have this year. These days are quite exhausting due the huge crowd who are attending to my booth. But in this case, tiredness isn’t important since the opinions of attendants are very encouraging for me. I have been visited by art lovers who have confessed to me that my booth is their favourite of the show, as well as people who remember my works from the previous years and who are delighted to see the evolution of my work and style. They loved to check face to face the quality of my new works. I look forward to having the opportunity to return next year to meet again with many artists, collectors and art lovers that I can consider as friends.
I would like to thank my lovely booth neighbour, Mei Han from Courant Vert Inc. of Montreal (Canada), a talented sculptress with whom I have had very nice conversations and who has made me this picture.
Do you want to see it complete? Next part on Sunday!

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