Again in front of the easel

Again in front of the easel

on Oct 10, 2017

in Pako Campo artHOUSE

After a month convalescing, am again in front of the easel. I missed it so much! I have a huge challenge for the following weeks. #NovaY is coming.
This is the biggest canvas I’ve ever faced, 197×95 cm. I do it with great enthusiasm but knowing that there are many hours of work ahead. Anything for realizing the dream of returning to Artexpo New York next year and being able to show my art to tens of thousands of people.
By the moment it is nothing more than a piece of fabric with a million of lines in pencil. But in my head the idea that I want to express has already been formed, and I can almost visualize the result. And I just tell you one thing: #NovaY is going to blow your mind!!!

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