En el Túnel un Pájaro

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“En el Túnel un Pájaro” is a theater play written by Paloma Pedrero. Ambrosia’s love for his brother Quique, separated from her when they were very young, takes her to participate in a reality show to find him. Quique is Enrique, an old playwright of great prestige, grumpy, surly … For him, Ambrosia is an unwelcome shadow that brings back memories of a past devoid of affection. The meeting of these two brothers makes us to consider many questions and it’s a invitation to reflect on such universal themes as love, honesty, privacy, life and dignity … at the time of death. “En el Túnel un Pájaro” represented the Comunidad de Madrid in the Independent theater cycle “Cultura viva”. Directed by María Jesús Varona.


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