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Pako Campo at the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence

The artist was the only painter selected to represent Spain in this important event

Pako Campo and his interesting pictorial speech were present during the celebration of the 12th Florence Biennale, event in which participated more than 700 artists and designers from all around the world.

The event took place at the historic Fortezza da Basso, an extraordinary example of military architecture of the Cinquecento located in the historic center of Florence and part of the program commemorating the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci.

“Psikodelia” and “Shanghai Kolor”, two acrylics on canvas, made in this 2019; Campo proposals resulted in this opportunity; a representation of some of the great megapolis known worldwide.

The exquisite use of a wide color range, perspective and depth; Some of the morpho-conceptual aspects of the works presented result.

Pako Campo defines his work as a visual representation or metaphor of diversity through beauty and color; this time from an intercultural dialogue that defends diversity, peace and tolerance.

The Spanish creator is immersed in the preparation and realization of the works to be presented at Artexpo 2020 from April 23 to 26 at Pier 94 in Manhattan, New York. In addition to collaborating in several artistic creation projects in various areas, ranging from design or the world of fashion to advertising.

The Florence Biennial was supported by the United Nations Organization (UN) through UNESCO, the European Parliament, the Italian Ministry of Culture and other Tuscan and Florentine institutions.

A selection of the works of this important contemporary artist can be found by interested people in his profile in the Artecru’s community.

Artecru. Pako Campo at the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence

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