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Pako Campo: between anodyne cities and bright colors

The urban landscapes are a significant part of his work

Pako Campo artist of Spain expands and to give to know his pictorial work for Latin America.

Recognized in his native country and partly of Europe and United States, the creator of the representations of the anodyne cities and he is integrated to the catalog of contemporary creators of Artecru.

Drawing and painting with the technical different employment since he was 8 years old, he enlarged his knowledge in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca “but he considers himself a self-taught professional.”

Pako has over 30 exhibitions in his professional career. Their creations are identified by the use of bright colors as symbols of beauty, diversity, and as a means of communication expressed in an energetic and daring way.

Among the recognitions for his fruitful artistic career stands out the International Prize of Art “Raffaello” surrendered in the city of Bologna, some of the most important rewards that it surrenders annually in Italy.

His knowledge also embraces the digital arts, with specialization in photographic compositions, photographs surrealistand conceptual portraits.

At the moment the creator works in the entire world in the diffusion of his work and he enjoys the professional exchange.

A selection of his pictorial work will be able to be appreciated in www.artecru.com

ArteCru. Pako Campo: between anodyne cities and bright colors

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