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My experience as the only Spanish independent artist participating this year and a selection of my favorite artworks and artists.

Last April 22, Artexpo New York 2018 closed its doors. It is the second year that I participate in this important art fair. Last year I came without any expectation, and the result was very positive, since one of my works became part of the Queensborough Community College Museum (Read article in Blasting News).
This year I got my own independent booth DW-10, in addition to participating collectively with other international artists in booth 723 of Santana Art Gallery.
My work #NovaY was located in the entrance hall of Artexpo, so that tens of thousands of people could contemplate it when entering and leaving the place.
It is really surprising that this year there have been no more independent Spanish artists who have exhibited in the expo. Spain is famous worldwide for its art. It is only necessary to say some names like Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Goya, Velázquez …
If we want to find the reason for the practical absence of Spanish art in one of the largest art fairs in the world, we can not find it in the quality of this art. It’s something that many attendants to the show have let me know.

Artexpo New York 2018

Artexpo New York is considered the largest art fair in the world. It began in April 19 in the Big Apple and celebrated its 40th edition this year. Around 40,000 people attended the event where they could contemplate the artworks of more than 1,000 artists and galleries that participated until April 22.

Let me guide you in a small walk into Artexpo New York 2018 show. Please activate subtitles on English or Spanish because some parts have not good sound. Next time will be better! 🙂

Any artist who has exhibited in an art fair like Artexpo knows it is a hard work.
Obviously, the artistic creation process is the most important part of the work. But you have to do very important preparations for the show in order to be successful. These preparations include aspects of many disciplines like application for licenses, insurances, copyright registration, art shipping, booth design, website updates, prints design, marketing strategy for social networks, sending promotional materials and press releases, newsletter mailings, coordination of flights and hotels, video and photo covering of the show…

But at the same time, it is fully compensated with the beautiful contacts and friends you make among the attendants and artists participating in the show.

I have known hundreds of people this year, and I like to highlight some amazing artists. Great professionals that also are very nice people.

Top Artists

Selection of 7 talented artists or booths. After the show, I can call them friends!

Shrodrick Spikes

Rising Artists Pavillion Booth RA-2

Shrodrick Spikes is an artist and designer from Atlanta, GA.
Diverse in thought and artistic approach, Spikes enjoys working with a wide assortment of mediums including graphic art software, digital photography, glass, acrylic, wood, metal, paint, clay, ceramics, and other nondescript objects.

Helen Kagan

Artexpo Booth 149 Art Tour International

Helen Kagan is a Russian artist based in Florida.
Helen strongly believes that Art as a powerful form of self-expression, is a vehicle for emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, and can enhance healing in those in need. Her Passionate Art is a statement of her beliefs.

Santana Art Gallery

Artexpo Booth 723

Miguel Ángel Santana is an artist and gallerist from Venezuela, but based in Spain. He owns one of the most important rising galleries in Madrid. It is situated in Paseo de la Castellana, in the heart of the business district of Madrid, and he represents tens of Spanish artists. I exhibited two works more in his booth this year.

Xaviera Martínez & Nancy Zaga

Artexpo Booth 616

Xaviera Martínez and Nancy Zaga are two photography artists born in Mexico, but based in Miami, FL.
They work in collaboration with National Geographic among many other international clients.

Eddy Samaniego

Foto SOLO Booth F135

Eddy Samaniego is a Fine Art Photographer born in Ecuador and based in Caracas, Venezuela, where he and his wife enjoy the beauty of nature everyday.
He is a self-taught photographer who began in the era of the dark room and continues to stay faithful to his early beginnings by working with transparency film; his focus is on wildlife and landscape photography.

Janusz Gilewicz

Rising Artists Pavillion Booth RA41

Janusz, aka Yanusz Gilewicz is a Polish artist based in New York.
His work has carried him around the world, with numerous solo and group exhibitions in Poland, Italy, Japan, Brazil and the United States. Gilewicz has learned that, through his art, he can share with the viewer his appreciation of beauty, mystery, and harmony.

Nalbandian Carpets

Artexpo Booth 718

Serge Nalbandian is the fifth generation in a long line of carpet connoisseur since 1792. Today, Serge Nalbandian brings innovation to the carpet industry by designing his own exclusive, one of a kind, pop art contemporary handmade carpets, which have never yet been revealed anywhere before.

Move-in day! Let's get the party started!

Set-up done! Ready to open!

Pablo Peña, he's always there!

Broni Borikova, the best host in the city!

that love brunch on Sunday!

Julen & Aitor, two basques

Artexpo New York 2018 in 30 pics

Images of artworks and booths that catched my eye (random order)

Pako Campo & Artexpo New York 2018 on press

I would really thank to NY art critic Per Larson for choosing my artwork #NovaY as best artwork of Artexpo New York 2018. It’s amazing to read a review where you are compared with genius as Picasso or Dalí. Also the coverage of other mass media publications like newspaper La Rioja, Coordenadas Cuba and other websites. The reach of social media posts and reproductions of the videos was huge. Tens of thousands of people viewed my #NovaY timelapse. Thank you!
Also would like to thank Artexpo marketing team, who used #NovaY in three of their newsletters and other couple of times on Instagram. It was the best prize you could give me.

Artexpo New York 2018
Pako Campo – Spain’s Krayola Kolor Kid – takes Artexpo NY by StormPer On Art
Artexpo New York 2018
El artista riojano Pako Campo expone en Nueva YorkDiario La Rioja
Artexpo New York 2018
Artexpo New York 2018 official newsletterApril 13th, 2018
Artexpo New York 2018
Artexpo NY SuggestionsPer On Art
Artexpo New York 2018
Artexpo New York 2018 official newsletterApril 18th, 2018
Artexpo New York 2018
Comienza el Artexpo New York con Pako Campo como único artista español independienteCoordenadas Cuba
Artexpo New York 2018
Comienza el Artexpo New York con Pako Campo como único artista español independienteLa Voz del Najerilla
Artexpo New York 2018
Arranca el Artexpo New York con el riojano Pako Campo como único artista español independienteHaro digital
Artexpo New York 2018
Artexpo New York 2018 official newsletterApril 20th, 2018
Artexpo New York 2018
El pintor riojano Pako Campo recibe el premio internacional de arte Raffaello en ItaliaDiario La Rioja
Artexpo New York 2018
El artista Pako Campo recibe el premio internacional de arte Raffaello en ItaliaCoordenadas Cuba
Artexpo New York 2018
PAKO CAMPO premio internacional de arte RaffaelloBy The Face

See you next year!

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