Artexpo New York 2019

Again being the only Spanish independent artist participating in the main show and receiving the Award of Excellence from the organization.

Artexpo New York 2019

My Artexpo New York 2019 recap post is already becoming a tradition. The post of 2018 edition has more than 5000 visits on my website. Hope this new post will have many more. Just below, you can find the Artexpo New York 2019 recap video. But I recommend you to go down this page where also you can find dozens of photos that I took with many of you. I dare you to find yourself in the full video or the image gallery. And if you are not among the hundreds of people that appear, I’ll wait for you next year!

Artexpo New York is one of the largest art fairs in the world. It began in April 4 in the Pier 90 and more than 40,000 people attended to the until April 7.

This is my Artexpo New York 2019 recap video. Please activate subtitles! 🙂

Move-in day AENY 2019

on Apr 3, 2019

We are already here! After a long journey of more than seven hours, although it is usually eight, but I think the pilot has taken a shortcut, we have arrived in New York and this time the controls have been super fast. We are already in Artexpo riding our booth and even though we have taken more than twelve hours to have all ready, everything is perfect.
Thanks also to the collaboration of @iloungedecor They are one of the best solutions in New York when renting furniture for events, fully recommended.
Tomorrow we are looking forward to show you all our work throughout this year.

Trade day at Artexpo 2019

on Apr 4, 2019

Today starts Artexpo 2019. It’s the first day, which means that it is the Trade-day. This day is dedicated exclusively to art professionals, gallerists, dealers, as well as specialized press. It is a very important day and we started with great enthusiasm.
Today, we don’t expect the affluence of people that sure we will have this weekend, we are sure that we will transmit everything we want with our art.
And although our booth already says everything for itself -with light, color, strength, design, artworks that will not leave them indifferent-, we will be happy to welcome them and have a nice time with everyone.

First Collector day AENY 2019

on Apr 5, 2019

Although today has come a cloudy day we expected a large affluence of public. Today is the day in which Artexpo is open to everyone. Although many people come only to look and not to buy, for me they are the most comforting days. In the past, I have had art dealers and galleries that have represented me, but some time ago I decided to work independently and it is exactly because of the opportunity that the days like today offer me. The direct deal with collectors is very comforting. Seeing how their eyes open and their faces light up at the moment they pass by in front of your booth is a completely magical moment. Today we had dozens of visits in the booth, I could almost say hundreds. And it has been a real pleasure to meet so many art lovers who really love art and who don’t use it as a merchandise or business. I love connecting with those people, transmitting the message behind my work and seeing how that message connects with them as well.

Second Collector day AENY 2019

on Apr 6, 2019

Today, the affluence of public in Artexpo has been much higher than the past two days. I could say that I have even seen many more visitors than any day in the last two years. Maybe other exhibitors can not say the same, but today has been such a flux of people in my booth that there has not been a single moment in which I could rest in the beautiful living room in which we have become our booth. People of all ages and origins, with whom I have been able to share the message of diversity that is attached to my work.

Last day of Artexpo New York

on Apr 7, 2019

Today has finished Artexpo New York 2019. It has been a day of massive affluence of public, and hard work due to the move-out, but also hugely important things have happened. On the one hand three happy collectors already have my works to enjoy at their homes. But the most surprising thing of the day has been that I received the Award of Excellence of this edition. You can’t imagine how grateful and proud I feel for having received this recognition of my work. Above all, sharing space with so important galleries and internationally acclaimed artists. I would like to sincerely thank the organization and especially @ritapopart for their support and help before and during the show.

More Artexpo

on Apr 8, 2019

So many people have gone through our booth this year that I need another post to share some of the images we took on the last day of the show. What a bittersweet feeling we felt when we finished dismantling our booth and leaving Pier 90, which has welcomed us this year! What would be the word I’ve heard the most this year? The answer is: Wow!
And, what do I mean by this? If I am sure of something, is that I will work very hard to continue participating on this art show on 2020 and the following years.
I have to confess that I love New Yorkers, at least as much as I have felt that they love my work. I can only say: THANKS NEW YORK! SEE YOU SOON!

See you next year!

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