June 30, 2016
Pako Campo artHOUSE

Writers’ fear of the blank page is well known. It is something that can also happen to artists. After all, literature is another of the arts that are inspired by the muses.

It is very strange that I feel like this, since a new artwork only excites me because of the path that I am going to travel. I always start from well-studied sketches and I brush strokes full of energy before the new project, but there comes a time when the artwork takes the reins and moves where it wants.

As many of you know, I started my artistic career when I was only 8 years old, in 1989. The following year I participated in my first collective exhibition.

Since then I have not stopped even a moment to see life through the filter of art. It’s almost 30 painting exhibitions in which I have participated so far.

A few months ago I did a project with the NWO Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California, and performed a dozen commissioned portraits to US customers.

I have also made posters for films produced in the United States. I have led branding projects, made websites from scratch, and I have become familiar with a way of working that is very similar to mine.

Given the acceptance in this country, I intend to start exhibiting my plastic work there, and want to start my work actively spread worldwide.

I promise you that you can’t believe what is coming!

Now the canvas is blank. Prepare to enjoy what remains to be painted!!!! 🎨🎨🎨


This artwork is part of an experimental project of conceptual portraits carried out with the collaboration of photo artist Pablo Peña, and on which we have been working for several years.

This artwork belongs to Human Feelings collection. It is an open series of conceptual portraits.

It is a work that combines collage and digital edition of the image through several filters and digital actions.

Many people would say that visual art is any kind of art, and that this kind of pieces should be included in digital art or new media. But in our method of work, we use photography, body painting, creative lighting and digital postproduction among other elements, so we like to run away from the conventional tags and call it visual art.

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