Blue Balloon Dog

October 13, 2019
New York

Balloon Dog (Blue) (1994-2000) by Jeff Koons.
Balloon Dog (Blue) can be one of the most impressive works of Jeff Koons in an ongoing series of paintings and sculptures that recall the rituals, icons and images around birthdays and other holidays. Koons uses the recognizable shape of a twisted balloon in the shape of a dog, exaggerating scale and material. Koons said: “I’ve always liked animals with balloons because they’re like us, we’re balloons You breathe and breathe, it’s an optimism, you breathe out, and it’s a kind of symbol of death.”
Dogs are not the only animals with which Koons has made sculptures inspired by twisted balloons, among his works are also: Balloon Swan (Blue), Ballon Monkey (Red) or Balloon Rabbit (Yellow).


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