Colectiva 2019

August 30, 2019
Cultural center Las Monjas, Cenicero, La Rioja

The Colectiva 2019 is the 30th exhibition of painting and sculpture in Cultural Center “Las Monjas” of Cenicero (La Rioja). I feel a special affection for this exhibition, since I have been participating uninterrupted since its first edition, in 1990.

In the photos you can see me with the curator of the exhibition, Mª Carmen García Gangutia and other local authorities.

Participating artists this year:
José Antonio Aguado, Rosa Arnáez, Luciano Belada, Adoración Benito, Noelia Bra, Pako Campo, María Luz Castroviejo, Amalia Díez, Mª Carmen Francia, Nacho García, Lucas García, Olaia García, Eldha González, Torie Hendrie, Asunción Hernáiz, Isabel Hernández, Mª del Carmen Jover, Laurence David, Sixto Lapuente Añorga, Sixto Lapuente Artacho, Yone Lapuente, Óscar Llano, Maite Loizaga, Pilar Maldonado, Olga Moja, Juan Manuel Pascual “Manos”, Mª Valle Rodríguez, Feli Ruiz, Vicente Ruiz, Patricia San José, José María Sobrón, José Manuel San Miguel, Roberto Torre, Paulino Tros, Leyre Umbría and Adela del Val.

Opening party: August 30th, 20:00 h.
Open until September 8th.
Hours: L-S 19:00-21:00 h. D 12:00-14:00 h.

Cultural Center “Las Monjas”
Victoria 3, Cenicero (La Rioja) SPAIN


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