Come fly with me

Come fly with me

on Apr 2, 2019

in Aeropuerto Madrid

Once again, it has arrived the tedious moment of going through the process of carrying the luggage, checking it, passing the controls and a long wait to take the flight of more than eight hours in unconfortable positions until we reach our destination. But all this is not comparable with the reward that awaits us. Wonderful days in one of the best art fairs in the world, Artexpo New York. Also, an audience that has already shown me three times that my work falls within their tastes. This year, many surprises await them. I’m eager to see their faces when they find the secrets that are hidden in my new artworks.

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All ready for Artexpo 2019 1 by Pako CampoMove-in day AENY 2019 1 by Pako Campo