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I enjoy the professional exchange or collaboration with any kind of artist and other people in the art world. I’m always delighted to start new projects that mutually enrich our artistic abilities. In the past, I have participated in many collective exhibitions and also have worked in artistic projects teaming up with one or more artists. So contact me!
I would love to contact with you to merge our art vision. Just drop me a message here or send me an email to
Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

Pako Campo artHOUSE is an open artistic space. It is located in an old stone house from the 19th century. In this artistic and creative laboratory there are different spaces for art creation. There is a main workshop in which different artistic techniques and disciplines can be developed, shared and learned. There is also a fully isolated sound recording studio and a photography studio with different types of lighting. It also has two rooms for the organization of artistic events, shows and exhibitions. The exhibition space has a really special room, since an underground construction that is characteristic of this area has been reused. This space is called “calao” and centuries ago it was used to make wine. The whole city was pierced with this kind of cellars and they were connected to each other. Now these spaces come to life with new utilities.
Showrooms will be operational when sanitary restrictions are completely removed.

Pako Campo artHOUSE


Toribio Sobrevilla 7A
26350 Cenicero, La Rioja