Dancing over Paris

February 2, 2017
Paris, France

For this project, I created a series of five conceptual portraits that, basically, they are digital collages with strong post-production.

Dancing over Paris is commissioned by International Producer Sara Marijuan, a very talented film producer based in Los Angeles, California.

It’s part of the development of her personal website, which I had the pleasure of taking charge of.

The client was looking for a professional, artsy and modern style for her site to show her portfolio.

In order to do that, she give me total freedom in design terms, what is traduced to one of my best web designs. I called the project Dancing Far and Wide to show the main passions of the client.

The website is built on hosted WordPress and it is configured in one page style. The features of this website construction are: blog with programmed publications, fresh modern animations, detailed portfolios, complete backend area with site stats and other tools, search engine optimization with very successful results, among much more customizations.


Some people believe that collage, as we know it today, was an invention of Picasso in 1912 with his painting Still Life with Grid Chair. Although it is in discussion if it was first Picasso or Georges Braque. The first had glued photographs to his drawings in 1899, and in the spring of 1912 he incorporated grid-shaped rubber into his painting Still Life with Grid Chair. But the second made at the end of the summer of that year the first papiers collés to incorporate into his works cuts of commercial wallpaper that imitated wood, one of whose examples is Tête de femme (1912).

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