Dreaming in Paris

January 8, 2014
Paris, France

We are crossing Europe in a van, making a funny house move from Amsterdam to La Rioja. How do I remember Paris? Tired, very tired, like a dream dreamed of in Paris.

If you ask me for a recommendation to visit some place in Paris, you should definitely go to the painters’ square in Montmartre.

Surely a few years ago this place must be a redoubt for bohemians and artists, where to rest, read, have a coffee quietly or test the brush or pen.

Today it is one of the busiest places in Montmartre: the Place du Tertre, artists’ or painters’ square in Paris.

Located a few meters from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, it is always full of painters who exhibit and sell their works, as well as artists who assault the tourist to offer their services and make us a quick portrait.

The square is surrounded by cafes and creperies in which to stop for a snack, if there is room.


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