Encuentro Internacional de Arte de América Latina y España

September 2, 2017
Madrid Athenaeum, Spain

At the bicentennial Madrid Athenaeum, it is open an art exhibition called Encuentro Internacional de Arte de América Latina y España, that includes a varied representation of works of contemporary Spanish artists, from several countries in Latin America and the United States.

The exhibition is a great occasion to take the pulse of the new Spanish and Latin American creators, to observe the different trends of contemporary art and to contemplate the works of very interesting artists who, in some cases, have already received several awards and international prizes.

Spanish art is represented in this exhibition by more than twenty artists, such as Pako Campo, Pablo Peña, Juan Luis Pérez, Carol Routenaer, Rafael Pablos, Agustina Ortega, Kalyana, Carlos López Lucendo, Julián Pérez Sánchez, Nisa Goiburu, María Isabel Pino, Mariano Bernuy, Bruna Walls, María José Díaz-Olivares, Juan Luis Pérez, Carmen Sánchez Carazo, Karina Yanes, Marcelo Díaz García, Carmen López Olivares, Pedro Pozzo, Salomon Cohen, Teresa Belzunce, Carmen Bernad, Mar Indalo or Angel Fuster.

For its part, Latin American art participates in this exhibition with artists such as Alba Galeano (Uruguay), Angel Caballero (Uruguay), Catalina Rojas (Chile), Dina Olivari (Argentina), Dolores Gonzalez Soria (Argentina), Doris Blaser (Argentina), Francisca Ruiz (Costa Rica), Karen Barrera (Chile), Laurell Holloman (United States), Luz Sanchez (Uruguay), Mabel Rebora (Argentina), Marcela Pittner (Argentina), Maria Africano (Argentina), Maria Araoz (Argentina), Maria de Maria (Argentina), Maria Paulina Troncoso (Chile), Marina Fons (Argentina), Marta Palastro (Argentina), Monica Mascolo (Argentina), Nannina Gallupi (Paraguay), Noemi Mazzei (Argentina), Ponciano Cardenas (Argentina), Raul Perez Alonso (Argentina), Santiago Coscarelli (Argentina), Teresa Cabo (Uruguay), Veronica Murphy (United States) or Vivian Werbin (Chile).


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