Expo Ateneo

on Sep 1, 2018

in Ateneo de Madrid

Just one year ago, it the bicentennial Madrid Athenaeum, we were opening an art exhibition called Encuentro Internacional de Arte de América Latina y España, that included a varied representation of works of contemporary Spanish artists, from several countries in Latin America and from the United States.
The exhibition was a great occasion to take the pulse of the new Spanish and Latin American creators, to observe the different trends of contemporary art and to contemplate the works of very interesting artists who, in some cases, have received several art awards and international prizes.
You can see all the photos at the following address: https://www.pakocampo.com/encuentro-internacional-de-arte-de-america-latina-y-espana/

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Gran Via 2 by Pako CampoForest of life (2016) by Sou Fujimoto - Pako Campo