First Collector day AENY 2019

April 5, 2019
Pier 90, New York

Although today has come a cloudy day we expected a large affluence of public. Today is the day in which Artexpo is open to everyone. Although many people come only to look and not to buy, for me they are the most comforting days. In the past, I have had art dealers and galleries that have represented me, but some time ago I decided to work independently and it is exactly because of the opportunity that the days like today offer me. The direct deal with collectors is very comforting. Seeing how their eyes open and their faces light up at the moment they pass by in front of your booth is a completely magical moment. Today we had dozens of visits in the booth, I could almost say hundreds. And it has been a real pleasure to meet so many art lovers who really love art and who don’t use it as a merchandise or business. I love connecting with those people, transmitting the message behind my work and seeing how that message connects with them as well.


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