Forever curious

April 14, 2019
Melbourne, Australia

Forever curious (2013) by Phibs & Rone.

Australian artists Rone and Phibs collaborated on Forever curious, the expressive portrait of a woman in Rutledge Lane, Melbourne in June 2013.

As is the transient nature of much street art, it was painted over with blue paint by another artist only two months later.

Phibs is a highly respected name in the Australian street art scene.

His works are on display in Melbourne (particularly Fitzroy) and Sydney as well as around the world.

Rone’s street art began with making stencils for skateboards and skate parks, but he soon branched out to the laneways of Melbourne and then beyond.

On May 17, 2017 an issue of Street Art stamps was made available to the public, among which was one with the graffiti image of Phibs & Rone.


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