Fury caption 1

Fury caption 1

on Dec 2, 2018

in Pako Campo artHOUSE

Fury caption 2 (2018) by Pako Campo.
Asking an artist about what their main work tools are, someone can think that for a painter are painting and brushes, for a sculptor are hammer and chisel, or for a musician his voice or instrument. For me, this is just the obvious answer. Mastery in these tools and techniques is what is known as craftsmanship. It is the use of deep feelings what makes that craft become art. Within my exploration of the range of human feelings, fury has always seemed to me one of the most complex to transmit to the viewer. It is this reflection what has led me to create this work that I am pleased to share with you today. Hope you like it. If so, please drop a comment!
Check the blog page to see it complete!

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