Grand elephant dret

September 12, 2018
Salamanca, Spain

Grand elephant dret (2009) by Miquel Barceló.

Grand elephant dret is a monumental bronze sculpture by Mallorcan sculptor Miquel Barceló.

It measures around 8 meters in height and represents an elephant in a position of inverted balance on its trunk.

The sculpture does not look faithful to the anatomy of the animal, since it has neither eyes nor horns.

As in other corpulent mammals, it is a “supplanting” of the artist.

Barceló in fact considers sculpture as a self-portrait, since it represents the balance of an artist in difficult times.

The artist explains that such a sculpture is made to be on the street.

The artist compares it even to a tree or a dancer, by the way it appears from afar.

The sculpture was exhibited in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca in 2017, on the occasion of the 8th centenary of the University of Salamanca, in which some time ago… I was studying.


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