Halloween 2018 I

October 31, 2018
Pako Campo artHOUSE

The Pako Campo artHOUSE has already been filled with little monsters. And yes, they also love Lady Gaga.

Today was a very special birthday for me. I am so surprised and grateful for the amount of messages you have sent me. I promise to answer you all asap. 👻🎃☠️🕸

“When they’re young, all Little Monsters learn that they are scary.
Ugly, stupid, shunned by Cupid, overweight, and hairy.
But every Monster needs to find that secret deep inside
that transfers Dr. Jekyl into sexy Mr. Hyde.
All my Monsters are beautiful, discostoodiful, squarerootiful, oldcootiful.
Monsters don’t need implants or a bitchin’ Monster car,
Monsters only need to love the Monsters that they are.
Oh yeah! Gaga, dada, jawa, PEACE, ew”


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