January 6, 2019
New York, USA

Hina (2015) by Hula.

Sean Yoro is a self-taught artist, who began his career as a street artist in 2015, when his unique water murals began to spread worldwide. One of them is the one that I share with you today.

Working under the alias ‘Hula’ he moved to New York to pursue his career. Influenced by his love of the ocean, Hula took to the water to create semi-submerged murals, while balancing on his stand up paddleboard.

Hula strives to bring life to empty spaces, usually working on shipwrecks, abandoned docks and forgotten walls.

Hula works completely with oil paint and uses traditional techniques to create feminine and soft figures that interact with the surface of the water.

All paints, mediums, and materials used for each project are completely non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.


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