Hong Drone II caption 1

October 14, 2018
Hong Kong

Hong Drone II (2017) by Pako Campo.
Hong Drone II arises from an aerial observation of Hong Kong. It is the transitional part of Hong Drone series, a travel who goes from abstraction to figuration. So it can be chosen as the most balanced piece of this series.
This series fits within the Cityscapes collection, in which I have been working for several years. In Cityscapes, I take saturated and contaminated cities, places that have become anodyne and overcrowded over the years, and I do a make-up work over them with vivid colors.
Color is used here as a symbol of beauty and diversity, in opposition to the functionality and consistency of today’s big cities.
Hong Drone II was exhibited in Artexpo New York 2018.
Check the blog page to see it complete!


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