Hong Drone III timelapse

July 23, 2017
Pako Campo artHOUSE

Hong Drone III arises from an aerial observation of Hong Kong.

It is the final part of Hong Drone series, a travel who goes from abstraction to figuration. So this piece can be chosen as the most figurative piece of this series.

To make this series, I have chosen a saturated and contaminated city like Hong Kong. It is one of those places that have become anodyne and overcrowded over the years, places built almost exclusively with steel, glass, concrete and asphalt, and that are covered with that gray patina caused by pollution that at the same time unifies everything.

What I do is like a make-up job, where I clean all that ugly grey coverage and I embellish every single building with bold colors.

Color is used here as a symbol of beauty and diversity, in opposition to the functionality and consistency of today’s big cities.

Hong Drone III was exhibited in the Encuentro Internacional de Arte de América Latina y España, exhibition at the Madrid Athenaeum.


The Hong Drone III timelapse condenses more than 60 hours of art work in one minute.
The dimensions of the canvas are 35 x 35 in (90 x 90 cm) and it was painted from July 5th to 22nd, 2017.

The Encuentro Internacional de Arte de América Latina y España was an exhibition held at the bicentennial Madrid Athenaeum, that included a varied representation of works of contemporary Spanish artists, from several countries in Latin America and the United States.
The exhibition was a great occasion to take the pulse of the new Spanish and Latin American creators, to observe the different trends of contemporary art and to contemplate the works of very interesting artists who, in some cases, had already received several awards and international prizes.

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