Last day of Artexpo New York

Last day of Artexpo New York

on Apr 7, 2019

in Artexpo New York

Today has finished Artexpo New York 2019. It has been a day of massive affluence of public, and hard work due to the move-out, but also hugely important things have happened. On the one hand three happy collectors already have my works to enjoy at their homes. But the most surprising thing of the day has been that I received the Award of Excellence of this edition. You can’t imagine how grateful and proud I feel for having received this recognition of my work. Above all, sharing space with so important galleries and internationally acclaimed artists. I would like to sincerely thank the organization and especially @ritapopart for their support and help before and during the show.

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Second Collector day AENY 2019 1 by Pako CampoAENY 2019 1 by Pako Campo