August 15, 1998
Pako Campo artHOUSE

Charcoal illustration of the Statue of Liberty of Cenicero (La Rioja, Spain), in occasion of the centenary of its inauguration.

The statue was built in honor of the heroes who defended the city against the Carlist troops, under a community feeling of solidarity that I consider disappeared, hence the gesture of desolation that I printed on the face of the figure.


On October 21-22, 1834 took place the siege on the tower of Cenicero by the Carlists. The Urban Militia of Cenicero, composed of 70 men, bizarrely resisted for 26 hours straight to the troops of Tomas de Zumalacarregui, with around 5,000 soldiers.
This heroic feat was celebrated with admiration and amazement throughout Spain, crossing borders. The Queen gave these brave men star-shaped gold medals, and twelve of the most distinguished were individually condecorated with the Isabel II Cross. Economically, by subscription in several provinces of Spain and abroad, the Urbans were helped, whose homes were been looted by the troops of Zumalacarregui.
In 1897 it was chosen the decision to build a monument to the memory of the heroes, commissioning the execution of a Statue of Liberty to Niceto Carcamo, native of Briones (La Rioja, Spain).

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