Love by Robert Indiana

April 12, 2019
Manhattan, NY, USA

Love (Sixth Avenue of New York) by Robert Indiana

Robert Clark (New Castle, Indiana, September 13, 1928-Vinalhaven, Maine; May 19, 2018), better known as Robert Indiana, was an American costume designer, painter, sculptor, and stamp designer associated with the Pop Art movement.

The most popular pieces of his career are the series made with the word LOVE.

The series of posters, prints and sculptures based on the word LOVE have been those who have given him more popularity worldwide.

The image, consisting of the word love in capital letters with the letter or tilted to the right, was created in 1964 as a Christmas card for the MoMA.

In 1973, the United States Postal Service issued a stamp worth 8 cents, which was the first of several series of stamps known as love stamps.


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