Mediterranean Sun

August 28, 2003
Salamanca, Spain

Mediterranean Sun is a pastel illustration on paper.

I chose the image of a Mediterranean seaside town as study of light with pastel on tan paper.

My concern about color is still present, and therefore I used a realistic style with high contrast that enhances color essence of this iconic color palette.


One of the main reasons for the color schemes present under the Mediterranean Sun is its protective function. From ancient times it has been noticed that certain colors repel members of the insect family.
The most common combination that is seen around the Mediterranean Sea is the blue and white, which of the cause studies that we have seen is present in towns as Sidi Bou Said, Santorini or Cadaqués.
Sometimes referred to as the Greek palette, this scheme is instantly evocative of the Mediterranean sun. It characterizes the coastal architecture of Spain and Morocco, but seems most intense in the Eastern Mediterranean.
One town of each region (Easter, Central and Western Mediterranean) that has been observed, which shows that this particular similarity is based on practical purposes more than religious ones, as it is simultaneously seen both in Islamic states and Christian states.

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