Multidimensional I part 1

Multidimensional I part 1

on May 12, 2019

in Pako Campo artHOUSE

Multidimensional I (2019) by Pako Campo & Pablo Peña.
Each of us is a small-scale universe. In us, there are multiple dimensions: the physical, the emotional, the mental and even the soul dimension. All these are dimensions of our little universe. They are not separated, but coexist in the same space. According to the degree of development of our consciousness we will have greater capacity to perceive or experience them. This makes the human being an infinite being, highly difficult to understand or equalize.
The concept of multidimensionality can also be applied to everyday life. In any space there are many different realities, superimposed one on the other. Although we only perceive the physical reality in which we are tuned.
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