Artexpo New York begins with Pako Campo as the only independent Spanish artist

The Riojan artist will exhibit his work at two different stands of the important art fair.

Artexpo New York begins with Pako Campo as the only independent Spanish artist

Artexpo NY, which is considered the largest art fair in the world, begins today, April 19, in the Big Apple and it is celebrating its 40th edition this year. Around 40,000 people are expected to attend the event where they can contemplate the artworks of more than 1,000 artists and galleries that will participate until April 22.


One of those artists is Pako Campo, the only Spaniard who exhibits his art independently. The artist from La Rioja will present his work individually at his own stand (DW-10), which will be located right at the Artexpo NY entrance and therefore all who attend the fair will pass in front of his work when coming in and out the exhibition. His latest work is called #NovaY, a large format painting (2×1 meters -78×39 inches-) in acrylic technique on canvas.


The main theme in Campo’s work is the vindication of diversity. To that effect, he takes pictures of large, saturated with people and polluted cities, places which have become overpopulated and anodyne over the years, to embellish them with bright colors. Color is used as a symbol of beauty and diversity, as opposed to the functionality of the big cities of today.
Lighting is particularly important in this piece of art. It can be seen that the sun is rising from behind the Empire State Building, something that is physically impossible from the point of view of the painting. The artist wants to express that the light comes from the south, something that is quite metaphorical in contemporary America.


For the creation of this work, he was inspired by the views form the Top of the Rock skyscraper, which he visited during his participation at the Artexpo last year. The results of 2017 were very positive for the painter, since during that fair, his work “Hong Drone I” became part of the permanent collection of the Museum of  Queens University (Queensborough Community College Museum). Later that year, he had the opportunity to present, with very good reviews, at the Ateneo of Madrid and the Salón de Otoño (Autumn Lounge) in La Rioja, among other exhibitions. Due to everything mentioned before, he received the 2017 Premio de las Artes (Arts Award) from the Riojan Center in Madrid.


In the Artexpo edition this year, not only will Pako Campo exhibit at his own stand, but his pieces of art “Hong Drone II” and “Hong Drone III” will also be exhibited collectively at stand 723, among with other international artists. Therefore the visitors will be able to admire three works from the Riojan artist at the important fair.


Campo is proud to highlight the name of La Rioja, and his home town, Cenicero, within the list of exhibitors of Artexpo NY 2018. According to the artist: “La Rioja is a wonderful place where I was born and a place that I enjoy continuously, since I live here. La Rioja should be known internationally due to its natural and cultural riches, in addition to wine.”


To follow the artist’s path through this exhibition, you can search for @pakocampo on Instagram or Facebook, among other social networks, or visit his website at


As he himself says:

“Art doesn’t follow the water stream, but fights against it.”

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#NovaY (2018) by Pako CampoArtexpo NY 2018 - Pako Campo with #NovaY