Great interest in Pako Campo’s artworks in the Artexpo New York 2017

One of his works has become part of the permanent collection in the Queensborough Community College Museum.

Great interest in Pako Campo’s artworks in the Artexpo New York 2017

Pako Campo, a well-known artist from the city of Cenicero in La Rioja, was one of the few Spaniards to exhibit at the Artexpo New York 2017, which took place last week, from April 21 to 24, at Pier 94 in Manhattan.
Artexpo New York has 39 years of history, welcomes more than 1,000 gallery owners and artists, and receives an audience of more than 30,000 people during its four days. This data confirms it as the largest art fair in the world.


According to the booth manager, the works of Pako Campo were the most acclaimed of those exhibited in booth 511. The vast majority of the visitors who approached him were attracted by his paintings, or chose them as his favorite of the stand.
From booth director “the work of Pako Campo has been a great surprise for the acceptance that has had on the part of collectors, critics and public.”


Such was the acceptance of the work of the Spaniard, that his work Hong Drone I has become part of the permanent collection of the Queensborough Community College Art Gallery.
This fact highlights the influence of Pako Campo within the Abstract Expressionism scene today and makes him one of the few Spanish artists of his generation to be exhibited in a New York museum. According to the executive director of the museum, Faustino Quintanilla, “Hong Drone I will be of significant value and asset to the educational process of the College and community of Queens”. Anyone visiting this museum in New York can see the work of the artist from La Rioja.


Currently, the art of Pako Campo represents cities or urban landscapes. He takes saturated and contaminated cities, places that have become anodyne and overcrowded over the years, and embellishes them with vivid colors.
Color is used here as symbol of beauty and diversity, in opposition to the functionality and consistency of today’s big cities.


As an international artist, there are numerous commissions and exhibition opportunities that Campo has received for the upcoming months, both in Europe and in America and Asia, for which he is actively creating within his studio in his native city.


As he himself says:

“Art doesn’t follow the water stream, but fights against it.”

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Pako Campo in the Artexpo NY 2017 - Hong Drone IDiario La Rioja - Pako Campo in the Artexpo NY 2017