#NovaY timelapse

April 11, 2018
Pako Campo artHOUSE

#NovaY is the main piece of a series of paintings called Cityscapes. I created this artwork as a way to express the diversity of human race.

I use cities and urban landscapes as subject matter on my art. I take saturated and contaminated cities, places that have become anodyne and overcrowded over the years, to embellish them with vivid colors.

In this case, I have used a photo taken from Rockefeller Center in New York with a fisheye lens. I reduce each building to the essence of one of its citizens, each of them different, with a different origin, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, etc.

Citizens who, like cities, show their appearance in a very unified way. It is common to walk through a financial district and see a type of formal outfit, as it is also normal to see other outfits typical of urban tribes in other neighborhoods, other types of sports outfits in parks, etc.

Cities are unified by the gray patina that pollution produces, and citizens are infected by it. This should not be like that. Diversity and difference should be celebrated, since they are values ​​that enrich societies, but we still continue to point out the different, the dissident, who stands out from the rest for good or bad reasons stemming from prejudice.

Therefore, the color is used here as a symbol of beauty and diversity, in opposition to the functionality and consistency of today’s big cities.

The lighting is particularly remarkable on this piece of art. Take as an example the sun rising from behind of the Empire State Building, something physically impossible from this point of view. What I mean is that light is coming from the South. Quite metaphoric nowadays.

#NovaY was exhibited in the Artexpo New York 2018. Currently, it is part of a private collection.


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The #NovaY timelapse condenses more than 7 months and 300 hours of art work in one minute.
The dimensions of the canvas are 77 x 38 in (195 x 97 cm) and it was painted from August 31st, 2017 to April 10th, 2018.

The Rockefeller Center is a large complex consisting of 19 commercial buildings between 48th Street and 51st Street in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. The 14 original Art Deco buildings, commissioned by the Rockefeller family, span the area between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, split by a large sunken square and a private street called Rockefeller Plaza. Later additions include 75 Rockefeller Plaza across 51st Street at the north end of Rockefeller Plaza, and four International Style buildings located on the west side of Sixth Avenue.

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