Pandora I

September 26, 2018
Madrid, Spain

Pandora I (2015) by Rubenimichi.

Rubenimichi is a collective made up of Michi, Rubén and Luisjo. They form a trio that have become one of the most fruitful of the Spanish art scene.

This group of self-learners has an absolute understanding when it comes to work.

They constantly exchange their functions in each creation. They offer us lucid works that immerse us in their own universe.

Works where the lights, shadows and contrasts achieve a dark and mysterious aura that transports us to disturbing atmospheres.

An invented, idealized and magical nature that interacts with the human being creating a link between an unattainable world of dreams and everyday reality; extrasensory experiences and disturbing characters, surrealist creations for a real world.


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