Past, Present & Future

Past, Present & Future

on May 11, 2019

in Pako Campo artHOUSE

Today, I can finally share the news I’ve been announcing for several days. For this, I found funny to represent it visually with this still life.
Presiding over the scene is the vintage radio that my uncle Manuel Campo -one of the best bookbinders in this region- used in his workshop. This old radio is always in my studio and I consider it as an amulet.
To the left of the image you can see several copies of the Gold List of Art Market Magazine. The magazine has already gone on sale in both printed and digital format. It can be purchased directly at Barnes & Noble bookstores in the USA or at the following link:
On the right, the Artexpo New York 2019 Award of Excellence. It already has a privileged place in my studio and it is giving me so much joy.
And finally the news of the future. Over the radio, with the company of my Maneki neko, you can see a batch of the XII Florence Biennale. I will be in this important exhibition representing Spain from October 18 to 27 of this year.
Also, you can see the Artexpo New York 2020 singnage. I take this opportunity to confirm my participation next year. You will find me in booth #232 from April 23 to 26.
I feel really excited of share this news with you. I will talk you about at least three more exhibitions in Spain as soon as I can.

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