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Per On Art. Artexpo NY Suggestions

Artexpo NY Suggestions

Per Larson - Per On Art

Per Larson

This is the last day of the magnificently outrageously exuberant show at Pier 94. Yes, I’m going there first – before I hit the Cherry Trees in Branch Brook Park and Central Park for nature’s ideas about art. Here are my suggestions for a last minute circuit tour today:

Pako Campo DW-10, for the Hong Kong pix – prize winners, for which there are numerous videos online

Nan Feldman 351 in the Artavita area, who teaches are all over the world

Juraid Senechal-Senekal 5120, liquidic flowing sculpture & painting, animal connector & translator, “just enough…let them fill in the details”, a growing, evolving, developing artist who has shown everywhere

Stanek 349 for Dantesartwork.com, an art explorer par excellence, with a seasonal quality but for far more, representing fearless, mixed media, powerful artists – yoked together to take you on an art ride rarely offered

Bustamente for Latin American Fine Art 5104, especially for collectors

Lynette Melnyk 234 for her breakaway black & white piece – for which there is a video

Mandar Jadhav 5112, who has painted the sounds made in India ragas, a bridge to the Asian arts

Junaid Senechal-Senekal from South Africa 5120

Michael Quadland, architectural acrylic & concrete on panels from Morris Ct 359

And last but not least, Steve Kaufman, 355, epitomizing the exuberant American pop experience that seems joined by a startlingly active international presence in this show of shows.

All this should get you oriented, and unleash the art power within the artists – and within yourself.

Per On Art. Artexpo NY Suggestions

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