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Pako Campo - Spain’s Krayola Kolor Kid - takes Artexpo NY by Storm

Per Larson - Per On Art

Per Larson

Pako Campo is the Krayola Kolor Kid who took New York by storm at Expo Art NY last year, landing his work in a museum. Who this year has received one of Expo NY’s highest awards for a stunning 1×2 meter work strategically, and proudly, positioned at the show’s entrance. Last year he received the arts award from his region in Spain, La Rioja. And next year he’ll receive the International Award in Raffaello in Bologna.

What can you say about the show’s only only independent artist from Spain ? About an artist who has riveting videos on YouTube and Vimeo of him making color and line tell stories we all knew but had no vocabulary to tell them with? And what color! what line! The Rainbow Empire and #NovaY take perspective, twist it, and dive into it; he uses that as well as simply an artistic device – reminding us all that photography and art are – and should be – far apart.

Take a look at two-minute videos online of painting via these links:

I’ll be doing a post about the use of painting videos by him and by two other artists I discovered at Art Expo NY this year. And last year Pako did a fun one-minute video of what going into and exploring Art Expo NY is like (for you still have today to take it in); it can be found here. I cannot recommend strongly enough taking in this jubillant, creative, and at times just plain fun show. This is what art is all about: celebrating what makes us human, which usually starts with a shout or laughter.

With his hair and his life as much his canvas as anything else this man’s life is a work of art – especially when you realize he’s into graphic art, photography, voiceovers, and acting. He started painting at 8 and was his first collective exhibition when he was 9 – 25+ years ago. And yes, a documentary is in the works. All this makes me wonder if Spain’s long line of strong, individualistic, in-your-face artists were as daring, forceful, and lyrical as him?

Spanish artists have always commanded our attention and helped our eyes see life’s realities and truths afresh. Picasso, Dali, Miro, Gris and Goya: all are known for their innovative, challenging, in your face technique – and now so is Pako.

Keep your eye on him. And snap his work up before the museums continue grabbing it. And get to know him. He sees his work as collaboration with the viewer. Join in the fun!

Per On Art. Pako Campo - Spain’s Krayola Kolor Kid - takes Artexpo NY by Storm

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