Pics from Collectors #003

Pics from Collectors #003

on Nov 29, 2018

in New Jersey

My client Tony just send me this pic of my print at his company in New Jersey. It looks amazing with this frame!
It’s the limited edition giclée print of my artwork Hong Drone II. This edition just have 25 copies numbered and signed, so act fast if you want to display it at your home too!
It is a reproduction from a photography of the original artwork done with a Hasselblad H3DII Camera with 40Mpx resolution in professional photo studio.
The dimensions are 35×35 in – 90×90 cm and it includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
Until Nov 30th, shipping is free worldwide.
Several art lovers already have a copy in their collection. Act fast before they run out!
Now you can directly access to them at

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