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Theater archive is the right place to find all the theater plays where Pako Campo has worked.
There are around 30 projects on this page with several positions. Pako Campo has covered functions as main actor, production, scenography, light design, props design, writing, sound technician, and many more.
As noteworthy highlights, take a look to “En el túnel un Pájaro” or “El mejor cuplé”. He worked as professional main actor on both plays and they were represented in important Theaters of Madrid as the “Teatro Arenal” in the Puerta del Sol and the “Casa de Vacas” in the Parque del Retiro.

En el Túnel un Pájaro by Pako Campo
En el Túnel un Pájaro • Poster Design
En el Túnel un Pájaro is a theater play by Paloma Pedrero. Ambrosia's love for his brother, takes her to go to a reality show to find him.
Poesía en Movimiento by Pako Campo
Poesía en Movimiento • Poster Design
Poesía en Movimiento is a theater production with poems by Miguel Hernández, in commemoration of the centenary of his birth.
El Mejor Cuplé by Pako Campo
El Mejor Cuplé • Poster Design
El Mejor Cuplé is a musical show in which a group of different-aged women decide to meet there to hear old music, so they can talk about...
Belén Viviente by Pako Campo
Belén Viviente • Poster Design
Belén Viviente is a religious play about Christmas tradition. Annual collaboration from 1996 to 2002. Directed by María del Valle Muga.

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