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Visual Art

Reality Distancing by Pako Campo

Reality Distancing • Visual Art

We are abstracted in other worlds, a reality distancing not only from our previous reality, but also from the reality of the present.
Beglitched by Pako Campo

Beglitched • Visual Art

A glitch is a minor malfunction, a mishap, or a technical problem. Our reality is "beglitched", a lot of snags are emerging.
Multidimensional (2019) by Pako Campo

Multidimensional • Visual Art

Each of us is a multidimensional small-scale universe with multiple dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and even the soul dimension.
Consciousness by Pako Campo

Consciousness • Visual Art

At the background of consciousness is the source of our way of being. It is a deep cave, a vault that is formed in our interior.
Pink Panther by Pako Campo

Pink Panther • Visual Art

I have always liked the pink panther in all its forms. First, I met her as a bun that I loved to take in the snack when I was a child.
Ominous (2018) by Pako Campo

Ominous • Visual Art

If you describe something as ominous, you mean that it worries you because it makes you think that something unpleasant is going to happen.
Torchbrush (2018) by Pako Campo

Torchbrush • Visual Art

I sometimes feel that my brushes are like torches that light my path. They are not simple brushes, they are like a torchbrush.
Coding Matrix by Pako Campo

Coding Matrix • Visual Art

Planning my space, coding Matrix. How exciting to design everything from scratch. We keep fighting against the difficulties!
Blurred (2018) by Pako Campo

Blurred • Visual Art

There are some times in which the same sensations are repeated, I feel like I'm blurred, after several days of cold and fever.
Fury (2018) by Pako Campo

Fury • Visual Art

Within my exploration of the range of human feelings, fury has always seemed to me one of the most complex to transmit to the viewer.

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