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“Café para los Dos” is the personal blog of Patricia Aldeguer.
Born in Guardamar del Segura, between dunes, intense sun, scent of pines and Mediterranean Sea.
Restless, enterprising and somewhat stubborn.
In a childhood memory I have a princess, with clear ideas. A warrior adolescence, completely uncertain. A youth into debate. A future in hand, or in the air.
Years of overdue battles in the city of Salamanca, where the strongest swords are forged.
North Africa Aires in the hair, desert sand and the echo of their voices.
Millions of souls in unison, bits of which came to stay, of those which were caught incidentally, of those who never were there, of those that are always there. Of those who left too soon.
From each cup of coffee, every sip, every word and every silence. That’s simply who I am, just one Café para los dos.
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