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Written and directed by Carla Roda. Camila, an introvert 26 years old girl, who lives in an old isolated basement, try to remove her turbulent past with the help of her twin sister Lana and her love for the painting. They have two different visions of the world and they face for it. The distortion of reality, more a family’s turbulent past, Camila can’t prevent being able to cure his illness and schizophrenia.
The film is the result of years of dedication to the cinema. The script is an original and creative script, though inspired by all the films seen and all the books read over 24 years of the director.
The project is the result of 12 months of Master Degree in Film Direction and Production in school New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. It is a visual and contemporary story. Everything happens in one location, in the middle of the one of the Hollywood suburbs.
The interesting thing about the film is the technique have to be used. The same actress will play the two leading roles Camila and Lana. And therefore we will use split screen to give the effect that she is talking to herself.


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