Exhausted by Aging

Charcoal illustration


Exhausted by Aging is a charcoal illustration created as a formal architectural study of classical stone elements.

Another of my main passions is the reinterpretation of classic sculptures or elements as a vehicle for social protest and a a sign of my nonconformity, so it is common to find gestures of suffering, desolation, sadness or yell in my art works.

Art, in today’s society, should be a powerful call to action, where creators get actively and efectively involved with the problems affecting their fellow citizens.

Time has passed for the romantic genius, the artist locked in his study room waiting for inspiration: inspiration is on the street.

True social art should be used as a tool that puts social and political issues in the front line, because art in the twenty-first century will be about social issues or will not be at all. In the last decades of the twentieth century, the special political circumstances made both individual and organized groups of artists to link their arms with the other citizens in the political struggle.

The world of artistic expression is the world of beauty, but also the world of reflection, experimentation, denunciation, provocation, innovation…

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