Concept development


MARTE is a new concept. More than a concert or a music festival, it is a one time life experience. It is the perfect union between art & technology to the rhythm of the best music. The event brings the audience a unique and sensorial live 360º experience.
Marte is an INTERNATIONAL ROAD SHOW, a CELEBRATION of LIFE, a MOVEMENT. We believe in one world where we respect, love and celebrate each other as we truly are. We believe that working all together as humanity is the key of our success as a society. We believe in leaving this world better than we found it.
MARTE is a Music, ART and TEcnology event. Music tells the emotions that are universal. ART is in the heart of each one of us. TEchnology takes us to the future.
I was in charge of the creation of the name, logo, investors packages, merchandising, branding, website and the event itself.


Concept development

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