Yearning for Freedom

Charcoal illustration


“Yearning for Freedom” is a charcoal illustration of a sculpture in the rooftop of the Linke Wienzeile 38 Building in Vienna.

This house is particularly noteworthy. The live plasticismo the corner offers a singular effect, like its rich and exuberant decoration with gold medallions Kolo Moser or sculptures “Calls Women” performed by Othmar Schimkowitz.

The houses were designed to be inhabited by a wealthy social class, hence placing lift at such an early age, while low were designed as commercial space.
Otto Wagner was the owner of the buildings in the Linke Wienzeile 38-40, so he could develop his ideas to the extreme. These houses belong to the mature stage of the architect, and they show the final break with historicism characteristic of his early work and adherence to Viennese Secessionist movement, which had not been carried out without the influence and support of his young students Joseph Maria Olbrich and peers, Josef Hubert Gessner Plečnik or others.
The project developed three buildings, designed in such a way that make a homogeneous urban situation with a corner as a hub. Comfort in the floors of the houses belonged to the more modern-era in Vienna, Austria.

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