Psikodelia – Acrylic painting on canvas

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Psikodelia or Psychedelia is a term that has always been associated with the consumption of hallucinogenic substances. In this case, nothing further from reality. There is a meaning beyond.
According to the Greek etymology, it means “manifesting the soul”. That is what I try to express with this new artwork, to manifest my soul, which can not be more colorful.
This time, I chose an aerial view of New York, deep in Manhattan. As always, I applied my own style: idealizing forms, playing with colors and defying the perspective. All this in order to be able to give to the viewer an immersive feeling deep inside my psychedelic soul.


Original acrylic painting on canvas. One-of-a-kind.
Some parts of the painting glow in the dark with UV light, so you will see at different artwork at day and at night. Two artworks for the price of one!
The painting is perfectly finished and varnished. The sides are painted in black, so there is no need to frame it. It is sent ready to display in your wall.
The dimensions of the artwork are 39×39 inches (100×100 cm.)
It includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

The price includes tax fees.
Shipping all over the world.

In stock

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 39 × 39 in


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