Radioactive Cats

October 31, 1999
New Jersey, USA

Radioactive cats (1980) by Sandy Skoglund.

With this artwork, I begin a series of publications with educational purposes to share with you my analysis of artworks that have always fascinated me, as well as recent art that has caught my attention.

Skoglund’s 24 sculpted plaster cats covered with day-glo paint represent nature adapting to a post-nuclear world by turning bright green; they appear to have fared better than their human hosts.

The interpretation of this work is open. It goes from a cricism of the use of nuclear energy or also as a reflexion about aging. Skoglund communicates her message by painting the animal models with exaggerated colors and placing them within monochromatic interiors.

Our modern obsession with our pets isn’t particularly modern, as artists have had four-legged muses for thousands of years.

I love the Sandy Skoglund’s art!! I’ve not yet seen any of her works that I would not hang in my living room ⭐️⭐️


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