Reality Distancing

November 25, 2020
Pako Campo artHOUSE

We went through some hard times. Times in which we all yearn for the return to normality, but we are getting further away from it.

That is why many times we become abstracted in other worlds, and this not only distances us from our previous reality, but also distances us from the reality of the present.

Reality Distancing shows an ordinary day in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. A line of people wait their turn to access the supermarket, several meters apart from each other, while their inner self tries to escape the cognitive dissonance that have experienced for months.

This artwork has been created to be published as NFT. The static version of this artwork can be scanned with Artivive to visualize the augmented reality layer.

Reality Distancing was created for the exhibition “Pandemia y Resiliencia”, which took place at the Patio Bullrich in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from March 15 to April 30, 2021.

It was chosen as the poster for the exhibition and was awarded with the 2020 Rossi Foundation Award.


NFT Available at:

This artwork belongs to Human Feelings collection. It is an open series of conceptual portraits.

It is a work that combines collage and digital edition of the image through several filters and digital actions.

Many people would say that visual art is any kind of art, and that this kind of pieces should be included in digital art or new media. But in our method of work, we use photography, body painting, creative lighting and digital postproduction among other elements, so we like to run away from the conventional tags and call it visual art.

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