Still Life #20

April 19, 2019
New York, USA

Still Life #20 (1962) by Tom Wesselmann.

This artwork is part of a series of sculptural still lifes that the artist Tom Wesselmann created during the early 1960s.

On the left side we can see once-functional items that he collected and then placed in a real cabinet above part of an actual sink.

The light above the faucet can be turned on or off, and the cabinet can be opened or closed.

And on the right, Wesselmann collaged into the composition two-dimensional representations of various types of food and drink.

Above these appears a reproduction of a painting by the artist Piet Mondrian, in an attempt to represent a future utopian society.

Wesselmann often included reproductions of the work of other artists in his constructions to demonstrate the ways in which art was becoming part in daily life and it has integrated with the commercial world.


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