Still Life

January 1, 1990
Pako Campo artHOUSE

Oil painting on canvas of a classic still life.

This art work is my first foray into the realism, style of painting where I felt tired quite fast and it evolved to a new style, very personal and different.

The importance of color for me is seen above the contrast of light and shadows.

In this artwork, the elements are highlighted by its sphericity and stand out from the flat bottom, in the style of the classic 17th century.


A still life is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which may be either natural (food, flowers, dead animals, plants, rocks, or shells) or man-made (drinking glasses, books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, and so on). Still-life painting in Spain, also called “bodegón”, was austere on the 17th Century. It differed from Dutch still life, which often contained rich banquets surrounded by ornate and luxurious items of fabric or glass. The main items in Spanish paintings are frequently plain dead animals still waiting to be skinned. The fruits and vegetables are uncooked. The backgrounds use to be bleak or plain wood geometric blocks, often creating a surrealist air in the piece.

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