Storyboard done

December 2, 2014
Los Angeles, CA, USA

The storyboard is done! Let’s go for another thing!

I just finished the storyboard for Dada, a Short Film that right now is being pre-produced in Los Angeles, California.

About the plot of the film: A young European journalist is kidnapped in Kenya. Enclosed with two other native girls; all of them will be maltreated and forced into prostitution. In that terrible cohabitation, they soon discover that the only escape is to make common front.

The technique I have used is hand drawn vector illustration on digital tablet. It is made with an optical stylus and it is a vector image, what means that the image is scalable endlessly without any quality loss.


The storyboard is a set of illustrations that appear in sequence and are used as a guide to understand a story, to preview an animation, or to follow the structure of a movie before making or filming it. It is the preview mode that is the usual pre-production mode in the film industry.
Its function is to narrate the story with few (or many, depending on the artist) sequenced images and accompanied by texts, it serves as a guide for the making of a film, it includes the details of the plans, characters, duration of the shooting and a brief summary of what’s happening in the shot, which serves as a guide for everyone involved in the production and post-production of the film.
The creation of the storyboard is attributed to Georges Méliès. The storyboarding process, as it is known today, was developed by Webb Smith in the Walt Disney studio during the early 1930s, after several years of similar processes that They were employed at Disney and other animation studios. Storyboarding became popular in live-action film production during the early 1940s.

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